Matt L. Success Stories Winner from 2007
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  Posted by: Guest     Date: 06-07-14     Report Abuse
wtg Matt!!!
  Posted by: Guest     Date: 24-10-13     Report Abuse
Great inspiration! I am ready to go hard with these techniques. C U at the top!!!
  Posted by: Guest     Date: 30-08-13     Report Abuse
great story hopfully I can become the elite like you.
  Posted by: Guest     Date: 22-07-13     Report Abuse
awesome : )
  Posted by: Guest     Date: 13-07-13     Report Abuse
Hi Matt, loved your video man. I also read your section in Dean's book, great story. Well I wanted to ask if I could ask you a few questions about getting started, or mainly just to get some advice. Please email me at if you have some free time. Thanks, Kevin
  Posted by: Guest     Date: 13-07-13     Report Abuse
Hello Matt. I need your help, please contact me on 2407016156 or My name is grace and thank you.
  Posted by: Guest     Date: 26-06-13     Report Abuse
Hi Matt, How can I get started? contact me at:
  Posted by: Guest     Date: 06-10-12     Report Abuse
How can I get started?
  Posted by: Guest     Date: 08-07-12     Report Abuse
If you do not take action nothing will happen, remember what Dean said action with Knowledge equal results, take action!

Melvin James
  Posted by: Guest     Date: 10-01-12     Report Abuse
Congradulations Matt. Hello Dean I am really interested in getting into real estate. I am unemployed at the time and Im frankly tired of working different jobs and living from pay check to pay check. I want to create wealth for myself through real estate and take control of my financial future. What do i need to do first, how do i start?
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A normal everyday guy now on deal number 25 (with thousands of dollars in positive cash flow each mo...
A normal everyday guy now on deal number 25 (with thousands of dollars in positive cash flow each month.
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