How Dean's book changed Rina's life.
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  Posted by: Guest     Date: 20-07-11     Report Abuse
I am 52 years old and i have no money, no job . i am currently homeless and living with my daughter and her boy-friend, babysitting my three grandsons while the two of them work. I bought the books and information from dean to make a difference in my life, but i am so discouraged and am surrounded by negative people on every side. Regardless of all that i have not thrown in the towel. I have had this material for a few months now. And i have not used it, because i fell off into the same pattern of faithless thinking that i am bombarded with b y others that dont have faith in me or my abilities. As you can see i caught myself. After 3 months of being depressed and spinning circles in my personal life and a detrimental reality where no one identifies with where i am at in life. I feel as if i am going to cave in most days, but i never give up...... and i dont even know why, i just dont. I made up my mind that i am going to do this. I have dreamed of being in real estate every since i was 17 years old. I was born into poverty. I have worked and struggled all my life to just eat and have a roof over my head, or not.... but yesterdays gone. I got layed off for the 20 somthingth time in march from the 20th somthing job in the last 20 somthing years, and i am twisted up in poverty , lack, and want. But i am no dummie, I passed high school, i did some college, I got skills but no employment. I got heart to believe in the right things, but no faith in me..... Why!!I dont want to relive this,... this is nothing new. This same scenario played itself out in elementary school when i was a third grader and could'nt do what everyone else got to do cause my defect was being poor. I want to know how to do this without any money, cause i don't have any. I took all my money at the risk of losing y room and board, having no job to replace or remedy any loss that i could suffer because of it, and i bought this program, and three others on the internet. But i have'nt even began to get anything started. Please show me a way to begin. I got an e-mail and a phone call from dean's success academy from someone named john norton. I got my hopes up and called the number back, and i was told that john was busy doing something else, and could'nt speak with me. So i was transferred over to a guy named Joe Gant and he was so negative and discouraging that i almost cussed before i hung up the phone..... I am in dire straits, and i am desperately striving to have my dreams come true, but i am lost about how to believe that i can buy properties with no money down.. So if you dont mind could you just tell me where to start. I have no money. But i bought a computer, a scanner,fax, copier machine. I purchased the internet, and i bought dean's books. Show me how to purchase 1 property and make the money to pay for becoming a member of the success academy, and i will do it promptly.....I hope that i have'nt bored or offended you or anyone else, but try to understand that this is my lifes dream.......
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WELL I NEED HELP I DON'T HAVE MONEY BUT AM EAGER TO LEARN ABOUT REAL INVESTING AND REOS please let me know something if you can show me some strategies
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very good rina i'm trying to get into the real estate game so i can help my mom and sister and myself so if the is anything you can tell me to help me get started on a shoestring budget please do so it will be greatly welcome
  Posted by: Guest     Date: 22-09-09     Report Abuse
Rina, you are a busy wife
  Posted by: Guest     Date: 28-08-09     Report Abuse
wow ive been only reading deans book for a day. im very interested in realestate now. hope to be as succesful as you are in it.
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I am 50 yo and have never purchased a home. I have always rented all my life. I have gone through a nasty divorce and was left financally devistated. I watched your video and hope I can change things around in my life. Retirement is coming and right now it looks pretty scarey!
  Posted by: Guest     Date: 27-01-09     Report Abuse
Congratulations! I'm just watching this video for the first time. Have seen some of your posts on the DG site. Thank you for your constant, positive support and advice to many of us. housesgalore.
  Posted by: Guest     Date: 28-12-08     Report Abuse
Rina, this is the third time I have viewed your video. Your energy and success in the real estate business is really giving me the boost I need.

  Posted by: Guest     Date: 17-12-08     Report Abuse
Thank you both very much!
I wish you and your families a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

The REI world has been exciting! I have closed 3 more Real Estate deals since making this video in June. Unfortunately the Brule house has not been able to close, as there are strange title issues against it that the bank (FNMA) has not been able to clear up yet. I have a recent offer in to lock up the property again, asking for a week's notice when the sale would be able to close. We're waiting to hear back from FNMA (btw, the price is $10K LOWER than what I was going to pay in July :-) )

Since I don't know who left the comments (thank you again :-)), I would like to invite you to join us at You're welcome to visit my journal:
to read more about MY deals (and other stuff. lol)
and start one of your own!
Hope to see you there!

God bless,

  Posted by: Guest     Date: 15-12-08     Report Abuse
You go girl! I'm so proud of you and all your success. Have a merry christmas and a happy new year!
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In this testimonial, another of Dean Graziosi's successful students shows the properties she bought,...
In this testimonial, another of Dean Graziosi's successful students shows the properties she bought, and tells how Dean's books and programs changed her thinking and her life.
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