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  • Title:   Lenny Hudgen 2013 Success Stories Video
  • Rating:   7
  • Lenny Hudgen's success story with Dean's Program!
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  • Title:   Laura Johnson In AWE with her $20,000 plus pr...
  • Rating:   100
  • In three months, Laura bought Dean's book, joined the Dean Graziosi Real Estate Success Academy and bought and rehabbed her first house, then put it under contract for a profit of over $21,000 dollars...
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You are watching videos on Dean Graziosi's Video site. The videos include Dean Graziosi's real estate investment videos to home videos submitted by Dean Graziosi's students documenting their success in real estate investment and tips and ideas for new investors to get on their own path towards success in real estate. No doubt, there are a lot of scams when it comes to people teaching real estate investment. However, you can rest assured Dean Graziosi is no scam. These stories are just a handful of many more successes. Dean Graziosi has set the high water mark for real estate investment strategies for the average person, and you can learn more, see more stories and just flat out make a lot of friends on Dean Graziosi's real estate investment community!!

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